DVR-LX® - Digital Vehicular Repeater

A product refresh of our first Generation P25 Digital Vehicular Repeater, the DVR-LX® addresses your emergency vehicle space constraints while ensuring mission critical RF coverage.

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VRX1000 — Vehicle Radio Extender

Upgradable from an analog-only to a full P25 trunking extender makes the VRX1000 the only product that gives users the flexibility as they upgrade their systems. Available in VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz.

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PDR8000® - Portable Digital Repeater

For first responders who are on the move and need to bring their radio communications with them, the PDR8000® Portable Digital Repeater can provide local P25 coverage.

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DVR-LX® Rackmount Repeater

The DVR-LX® Rackmount Repeater with optional 50-watt power amplifier fills challenging coverage gaps. The rack-mountable tray fits in a standard 19" rack and is available in VHF and UHF frequency bands.

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