When you're saving lives and property from fire and other dangers, your fireground radio communications is critical.

One of the biggest challenges faced by both large urban fire departments and smaller suburban fire departments is communicating inside buildings. Hospitals, manufacturing facilities and big box stores often present challenges for radio communications. Futurecom RF coverage solutions are used by hundreds of fire departments around the world to keep firefighters in contact with each other and dispatch. 


Enhanced In-Building Radio Coverage

Allows firefighters to remain on the network as long as possible so that their communications can be monitored and recorded at dispatch.


The Features of Trunking with the Safety of Conventional Operation.

When a Futurecom VR is working in combination with an Motorola APX portable they have a number of features. 

  • Portable Radio ID: APX Portable radios affiliate with the P25 system. Their IDs pass on both the push to talk (PTT) and emergency.
  • Trunking Tones and Messages: Firefighters will get the go-ahead tones they are familiar with, network messages get passed to the APX portable and users can also get out of range tones (of the VR and/or mobile out of network coverage) while on a conventional channel.
  • Direct Fallback – Allows Users who are even out of range of the VR to be able to directly communicate with others nearby without changing channels.

Highly Automated Operation

Allows multiple VRs to be activated at a scene. The units will reliably pick a “Primary” unit which will handle the communication between network and users. Other units will go into a standby “Secondary” mode. All VRs can be activated by a button on the control head, from a portable radio, from an external switch or automatically from a combination of events such as the emergency lights on and setting of the parking brake.

Applications & Use Cases

Mobile Radio Coverage

DVRS Radio Coverage