DVR LX - Digital Vehicular Repeater


Whether in a deep valley or deep in a building, poor radio coverage puts the safety of first responders at risk. Police and fire personnel need to be able to communicate with dispatch and each other; however, many radio systems are not designed to provide service everywhere public safety professionals are called to respond.

The DVR-LX integrates with the APX™ series mobile radio to function as compact 10-Watt vehicle repeater installed in the back of a patrol car or fire apparatus. The higher power APX mobile radio extends the range of the portable radio back to dispatch. The APX mobile radio control head is in the front of the vehicle and controls the DVR-LX.

Features and Benefits

  • Programmable output power: 1-10 W
  • Fully backwards compatible with Digital Vehicular Repeater (DVR)
  • Authentication (optional)
  • Remote updates via Radio Manager (optional)
  • Various Label locations
  • Dedicated handles
  • P25 digital / analog operation
  • Available in VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands
  • In-band or cross-band configurations
  • Integrates with APX mobile radios
  • Operated through mobile radio control head
  • Transparent P25 encryption pass-through
  • Superior multi-unit operation
  • Extends key P25 trunking features to ‘DVRS Enabled’ portable ra dios including APX6000, APX 8000 and APX NEXT® radios.
  • Sold exclusively through Motorola Solutions

Supporting Documents


  • DVR-LX P25 Suitcase Repeater

    DVR-LX P25 Suitcase Repeater

    Bring your communications with you, the DVR-LX Suitcase Repeater consists of a vehicular Repeater (DVR-LX), filters and a power supply installed in a protective carrying case.  

  • DVR-LX P25 Rackmount Repeater

    DVR-LX P25 Rackmount Repeater

    The DVR-LX Rackmount Repeater with optional 50-watt amplifier fills challenging coverage gaps. The rack-mountable tray fits in a standard 19" rack. It seamlessly integrates with Motorola Solutions APXTM mobile radios to provide reliable RF backhaul.