VRX1000 - Vehicle Radio Extender

The VRX1000 is a compact 3W simplex radio extender integrated with Motorola APX. 2500, APX. 4500, APX. 5500, APX. 6500, and APX. 7500 series mobile radios. A scaled down version of the industry leading 10W full duplex DVRS, the VRX1000 improves portable radio coverage while keeping users connected to either conventional or trunked networks. The small size of VRX1000 allows its be easily installed in patrol cars and utility trucks.

Features and Benefits

  • Programmable output power: 0.5–3 watts
  • Simplex operation
  • Analog operation with P25 software upgrades available
  • Available in VHF, UHF, 700/800MHz bands
  • Integrates with remote mount APX™2500, APX™4500, APX™5500, APX™6500, and APX™7500 mobile radios
  • In-band or cross-band configurations
  • Operated through mobile radio control head
  • Sold exclusively through Motorola Solutions

Supporting Documents